Club Tome for grades 4 and 5
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Thursday, September 14, 2017
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All fall projects due November 30!

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This year in place of our Reading Bowl competition, Factory Shoals is joining the Tome Society. The society provides a diverse menu of competitions, not limited to only a Reading Bowl. Students participate by reading books from the annual It List of clean, entertaining, and encouraging children's literature. Book club activities are provided with competition rubrics. All members have the opportunity to attend the annual conference for both students and educators. Parents can attend for free.


        The exciting part about Tome is it’s a yearlong competition. Throughout the year, students are digitally submitting projects, testing on books, participating in a service project, attending Tome Society meetings, etc. Of course, the more we participate in the more points we will receive. Points are calculated and winners are announced for all competitions at TomeCon on March 13, 2018. TomeCon is a highly participatory conference for students.

        The Tome Society does host a Reading Bowl competition, but only the top 4 teams in the state participate in the competition during TomeCon. Our Reading Bowl team will have 10 members, but other Tome Society members with diverse skills will compete in competitions that peak their interest. All competition projects for Fall 2017 are due to Mrs. Blevins  by November 30 at 2:30 PM.


        To find out more about Tome Society, please visit


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