Douglas County Guidelines for Outdoor Activities During Warm and Cold Weather
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011
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How hot is too hot? How cold is too cold?

For Warm Weather: 

Zach Spencer, Director of Safety for the Douglas County School System has set system wide "Hot Weather Guidelines".  Anytime the heat index rises to or goes above 105, all outdoor activities (PE, recess, etc) are to be suspended.  Click here to check out the website used to check the heat index daily.  All students are encouraged to stay fully hydrated and drink plenty of water.

For Cold Weather:

Time spent outdoors is an integral part of the school day.  Children need fresh air and exercise and time spent outside affords students a break from the structure of the classroom.  However, there are times when it is not safe for children to be outdoors. When properly clothed, elementary school-aged children can participate in safe, vigorous play in an outdoor environment in most weather conditions.  Increased caution is necessary during temperatures less than 20 degrees F.  Temperature plus wind velocity, or wind chill, is a prominent factor in determining cold weather safety.  As the speed of the wind increases, it carries heat way from the body more quickly. 

                The local school principal, or designee, will make the final decision as to whether outdoor recess will be allowed.  Schools may access current weather conditions through web sites such as .  Generally, if the wind chill or "feels like" temperature is 20 degrees or higher, then recess will be outside.  Principals should begin considering making modifications, such as the length of time of recess, when the temperature drops below freezing. 

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